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Through our cleanups, other events, and digital awareness we educate about the ocean plastic crisis, coastal degradation, and the impact that our choices and daily habits have on our planet and the ocean.

Virtual Education Village

While we take a moment to build our educational page aimed at providing easy & helpful ways to promote lasting change, know that you can start today and pick a few of the steps below to begin reducing your carbon footprint now! 

  1. Turn of unnecessary electronics & lights

  2. Walk or take the stairs whenever possible

  3. Reduce your dependency on AC/heat

  4. Take shorter showers

  5. Establish moderate settings for your home temp

  6. Switch to CFLs

  7. Reuse paper

  8. Understand your local recycling process

  9. Donate your gently used items 

  10. Reduce your reliance on single-use plastic

  11. Use mineral sunscreen only...the reasons why are endless

  12. Don't forget your reusable grocery bags

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