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Green Coral and Fish

Meet The Team

Coastlove is 100% volunteer based!
Meet the individuals coming together as a team to create lasting change.


Volunteer Opportunities 

Do you have a passion for protecting our planet and coastal communities?  Do you love the ocean and want to put your skills and experience to work to make a difference?  If you answered yes to these questions, you could be the perfect addition to the Coastlove family. Take a look at the opportunities below and get ready to be part of a dynamic group of individuals, working together to affect lasting change. 

To volunteer for an upcoming event, click the "Empower" button below.  Interested in an open team position?
Email your resume and cover letter to to be considered for one of our team volunteer openings. 

  • Digital Director* (remote)

  • Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator* (remote)

  • Community Impact Coordinator - South Florida* (must live in South Florida)

  • Coastal Cleanup Coordinator* (must live in Florida)

*A volunteer job-description will be provided to you upon receipt of your resume, cover letter and position of interest. 


Looking to volunteer for an upcoming event?  

Interested in donating to support the Coastlove mission?

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