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Mission & Pillars

Who we are and the difference we will all make together! 


To end the ocean plastic and coastal degradation crisis
through action and education while empowering communities to create lasting change. 


Cleanup. Restore. Educate. Empower.


CleanUp. Our community cleanup events go far beyond just removing plastic and debris that negatively impact our communities and wildlife.
We also use this time to share knowledge 
about the ocean plastic crisis and the impact that our choices and daily habits have on our planet and the ocean. We create an inclusive and fun environment where all individuals feel accepted, and empowered, and leave feeling excited about coastal conservation and protecting our ocean. We also collect data on the types and amounts of single-use plastic that are being collected through our debris data collection program. 


Restore. With millions of acres of natural areas and coastal ecosystems in rapid decline due to human activity, it is crucial that we actively work to remove invasive species and replant native vegetation in coastal areas to protect coastal communities against increasingly violent storms and sea-level rise, provide a healthy habitat to marine and coastal species and help combat climate change. 


Educate. Through our cleanups, other events, and digital awareness we educate about the ocean plastic crisis, coastal degradation, and the impact that our choices and daily habits have on our planet and the ocean.


Empower. Providing education, experiences, and resources that will empower individuals and communities to become change-makers through respect, understanding, working together, and giving a voice to those communities.


To provide resources, knowledge, and tools to communities that allow them to direct action that will in turn help sustain life above and below the water with the understanding that no matter what you look like, who you love, how you worship, or where you live,

we all have the power to create lasting change.  

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Join the Mission

You can become a change-maker right where you are by following and sharing our message on social media.  

Go a step further and share knowledge with those around you that everyday small changes like reducing dependence

on single-use plastic, and refusing a straw or styrofoam container are the little things that help create lasting change. After all, you're already here and that means you have the knowledge to educate and empower the person next to you.

Together, we all make a difference! 

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